We have developed an enabling environment for you to sponsor that career of yours using our platform, its all about getting people to know about you and your business. Below is a list of available sponsorship plans we offer here at Mcss Online Website. Please Note that a standard fee will be charged for each advert to be placed, Thanks.

Faces of Mcss (school use only)

This is an advert for school use only. It  is very visible for everyone who is connected to this website to see. Below is a diagram of how it looks like for easy identification.


Pictures that appear above will be changed overtime as soon as the school administrators approves your photograph for the advert.

Advertise (Public use)

This advert placement is for the entire public. Take this opportunity to advertise that goods/company of yours for better awareness of students and the general public. Adverts placement unlike the FACES OF MCSS, will not be posted anywhere on the face of the website except the advertise page. The advertise page can be found on the home page of the website, under the quick links menu, there you will find your placed advert as well as that of other people.

If you have any problems, or more details and information please do send us an email on support@mcss.sch.ng, you will get a quick response from us. do clearly indicate in the mail what you want.