7:45am – 2:00pm and extra lesson starts from 2:15pm – 4pm. Punctuality is very important. Assembly starts at 7:45am.

Coming late is a form of indiscipline. If a student is late thrice, the student will have to loose a day in school. Parents of students who repeatedly come late and are picked up late will be heavily fined.


Payment of fees should be before the end of the second week of every term. Payment of fees is by Teller in quadruplicate made payable through Eco Bank for primary and Fidelity Bank for secondary , Ekpoma Branch. kindly see that your child’s name and class is written on the Teller. You are to submit your school teller for any school payment to the school bursar. Failure to comply with item within a week of the school resumption will be regarded as decline of admission or discontinuation of classes.


It is compulsory for all students to wear the school uniform to school on all school days and for all school functions. The approved school uniform is obtainable from the school and parents are advised to purchase at least two sets for their children. This will ensure that the students are always clean and neatly dressed to school. Below are what the school prohibits and what is required.

  •  Girls are allowed to have their hair cut low or plaited back. Perming of hair, hair blowing and the use of attachments are not allowed.
  • The only jewelry allowed is the use of tiny gold/gold plated earrings.
  • Keeping of long and painted nails is prohibited.
  •  Students are not allowed to use make-ups.
  • Boys should have their hairs cut low and respectable.
  • Students are allowed to wear simple wrist-watches.


Parents are strongly advised not to send any child ill to school. Minor health needs will be handled by the appropriate school authorities. In more serious cases parents will be notified immediately.

Parents are advised to provide thier children with healthy snacks and drinks from home to sustain them through the school period.


School property must be handled by everyone with care. Damage or loss due to carelessness will be charged to the account of the student or staff concerned.


Mount Carmel Secondary School subscribes to the philosophy that both home and school work jointly contributes in the development of the child. It is our conviction that the integrated growth of a student is best met when parents and staffs both co-operate in attaining common goals and objectives in the interest of the students. In order to meet these common goals parents are expected to:

  1. To show concern and a caring interest in the school.
  2. To get to know other members of the school community.
  3. To offer positive support towards the institution
  4. To respect the views and opinions of all the members of the school community.
  5. To develop the right study habits for their child .
  6. To help the child appreciate his/her potentials and talents and be kind yet firm in dealing with their child.
  7. To help them develop a critical appreciations for persons and things, and an independent way of thinking.
  8. To participate in school activities and programmes.
  9. To make it a point to attend courses, meetings and seminars organized by the school.
  10. To read, sign and return circulars sent by the school authorities.


The school will provide text and exercise books for each subject, parents are advised to ensure that the books they purchase from the school are correct before they leave the counter.


Continuous assessment- tests and terminal examination is given Evaluation of class participation, research, and pursuing of independent projects is encouraged. A post terminal evaluation conference will be held with the parents at the end of the term. Attention is given to discover students with special gifts and talents, Efforts to encourage and develop these will be made.


Every parent by nature of having their child/ward in the school is a member of the P.T.A. There will be a fee charged per student. Have you read Mcss P.T.A policy?